KP Naturally 2022 Rose, Vegan, Unfiltered

KP Naturally

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KP wines are driven by Katie Priscilla Kerrigan, challenging her father, veteran winemaker Michael Kerrigan, to question the way we do things. Wine that displays the true aromas and flavours of the vineyard. Nothing else.

Geographe Tempranillo grown on the Korijekup Vineyard in Harvey handpicked, crushed and pressed straight into old barrels. Spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast, no fining, no filtration, and no stabilisation - nothing added, nothing taken away. The wine is all dry savoury and delicious.
There might be some haze and wine crystals formed in the bottle, naturally.

Variety: Tempranillo

Region: Geographe

Alc Vol: 12.5%


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