Office Kitchen Supplies

Our goal is to assist companies in showing their support and appreciation to their Team. Here’s how we do that.


Companies that purchase our coffee beans, catering packages, birthday cakes, wine or gift vouchers also earn loyalty points (1 point per $1 spent) which can then be used for discounts and freebies

Simply put, the more you buy, the more you get in return - and you also get a choice of reward!

For example, if an office spends $650 per month on coffee beans, they get a free celebration cake worth $65 every month

The example is indicative only as prices are regularly updated


  • Rawsters supplies beans (house blend) in bulk to many offices across Perth. There are 5kg and 9kg options depending on the office size.
  • Order through us and achieve a target of 0% waste when it comes to coffee packaging.


  • Companies with the monthly consumption of 9kg coffee beans or more are eligible for a complimentary coffee machine.
  • T&C apply.


We keep the stock levels on our website up to date, and if you select a bottle (or 3, or 6), we will deliver as soon as practicable. If you are particularly interested in any wine that is currently out of stock, please get in touch and we will organize a delivery in a few days.

Our 1-, 2- and 3- bottle packs come in complementary gift packaging ready to go.


We also offer gift vouchers that your staff can use for whatever they wish - beans, coffees, lunches and so on.
There are 2 Gift Vouchers Options:
  • Electronic, and
  • Printed.

The electronic ones can be purchased online and emailed directly to the gift recipient. The printed ones can be ordered at the van.


We offer a selection of catering packages suited for small to large groups. Please note that a 50-people package would include 100 treats, so each person gets 2 treats: 1 savoury and 1 sweet, or 2 sweets/2 savoury treats as we can tweak the package to suit your needs. We use presentable boxes which can go straight on the tables, meaning no cutting or setting up is required.


These are very popular for staff birthday celebrations. Place your order before 1pm and we will bring it the next day. There is a variety of flavours to explore and we can also bring half-half cakes if you are torn between cake options.


As we deliver in the areas of usual Rawsters vans operation, all deliveries are free of charge. Delivery outside of fixed Rawsters areas can be arranged for a fee.